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The Business Communication Lab is open for Winter 2022!

Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm & Friday, 10am-5pm

Online & In-person (FCS 152) 

We are closed on weekends and holidays. We look forward to seeing you! 


Online and In-person appointments, are open and available to undergraduate students enrolled in a College of Business course. 

Please register using your email address.

All College of Business undergraduate courses:

  • For writing appointments in the Business Communication Lab (BCL), be prepared to share your specific assignment draft, the assignment guidelines, rubric, and any additional materials from your professor. You can attach and/or share your document when scheduling the appointment. 
  • The consultant will provide review and guidance around general business communication best practices, such as clear and concise writing, proper language and grammar usage, and report formatting. 
  • Please refer to your assignment, rubric, course materials, and professor for specific questions regarding assignment expectations.
  • An appointment in the BCL is an active process. The consultant will not just “fix” your deliverable. Instead, you will work together to identify areas of weakness and discuss how to improve. Come to the session prepared to learn and engage in the process.
  • If significant improvements are needed in a business deliverable, another appointment can be scheduled to review the student's revised draft.
  • You can share a document draft with the consultant on your Google Drive. To review document formatting, this option is best. Provide a link when scheduling the appointment. The consultant's email address is provided when scheduling.


*To make an online appointment, the tutor must have "Online Only" listed under their name.* The online format is synchronous, meaning you will video-chat with the tutor in real time . Click on your appointment, which will open up a new browser window, then click on “start or join online consultation”. Please join the online consultation at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment and read the instructions on the screen.

You can use audio and video, or simply use the chat box on the right side of the screen to communicate with your tutor - you do NOT need a webcam or microphone to make an appointment. There are instructions on the “Whiteboard” (the main part of the interface) on how to use the interface – for content only review, you can copy-and-paste your writing into that space after you have read the instructions. All formatting cannot be seen in the Whiteboard modality.


  • Refresh your whiteboard! At times, both you and your tutor need to refresh the whiteboard in order to see one another in the appointment. 
  • Sound quality: Log out of the appointment and log back in if there is an issue with the audio. 
  • Writing Assignment Feedback (reports, routine messages, memos etc.): Copy and paste the text into the Whiteboard area, and your tutor will give feedback. 
  • Share documents on your Google Drive. To review document formatting, this option is best. Provide a link when scheduling the appointment.
  • Group Appointments: We are able to accommodate group appointments through Zoom only. When booking, be sure to indicate it is a group appointment and include your Zoom link. 



Once you have logged in, and chosen an open appointment time, choose the type of appointment: Currently a Writing appointment is the only option

Who can make an appointment?

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Business
  • Pre-business students with an assignment in a College of Business course
  • Any UM-Dearborn undergraduate student enrolled in a College of Business Course

NUMBER of appointments allowed?

  • An individual or group can make 2 appointments of 30 minutes per week
  • 60 minutes of total appointments in a week

Cancellation Policy

  • Appointments should be cancelled at least 1 hour prior to the appointment. Too many no-show appointments could result in your account being disabled. If you encounter technical troubles- bandwidth, wifi, etc, - we ask that you notify us as soon as you can. 

Questions? Contact Business Communication Lab Director, Prof. Christine Fischer, at


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